Looking for information on where to go or how to help? 

    If you're in Lac La Biche: 

    Lac La Biche County has been assisting in directing volunteers, informing the community about donations, and being a central hub for evacuees to come to. It has been requested that all evacuees report to theBold Center if they are looking to remain the in the Lac La Biche region and be placed with a host family, in a hotel/motel, or directed to a regional campground. We urge evacuees to register at this location as the Red Cross has set up assistance at the Bold Center and will be keeping track of of evacuees ensuring that contact information is received for further notifications/updates.

    For more information on what is needed for evacuees and services that are being offered, please visit the Lac La Biche County wbesite FAQ: Fort McMurray Evacuation page. You can also have a look at information on Big Dog 103.5; information is constantly being added and updated. 

    Headed South?

    Have a look at the Resources guide provided.

    Businesses; the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is offering free temporary meeting and office productivity space to members of the Fort McMurray business community displaced by wildfires in the Wood Buffalo Region. Those wishing to access this infrastructure to maintain connections during this critical time are invited to visit their World Trade Centre Edmonton website for further details on the available office spaces and amenities.

    To book space in this facility, please contact them directly via email at reception@edmontonchamber.com or via telephone at 780.426.4620.

    Want to help? 

    Visit the County website or any of the websites provided for updated lists of what is needed. 

    The Animal Services team is housing a large amount of dogs and cats. They could use food bowls, kennels for large dogs and blankets and sheets to line cages. Currently, the pet food supply is adequate.

    For the moment, Lac La Biche County is not accepting donations for evacuees themselves—unfortunately, we do not have space to hold any items. They are, however, searching for more accommodations, especially pet-friendly rooms in the hamlet of Lac La Biche. If you’re able to house evacuees, please call us at 780-623-6369. The evacuees are in need of more homes, camps and facilities to house newly arriving evacuees. If you’d like to make a monetary donation, you can contact the Canadian Red Cross at 1-780-702-4164.

    Looking to volunteer at the staging area for Fort McMurray evacuees? Please call 780-623-6369. After adding your name to our list, you will be contacted in the next 24 hours as needed.

    For businesses:
    The Alberta Chamber of Commerce (ACC) will be reviving the Chamber Relief Trust Fund to support the business community affected by the wildfires in the Wood Buffalo Region. The Chamber Relief Fund was first utilized to support the business communities affected by the 2013 floods in Southern Alberta.

    We are anticipating the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce will require assistance going forward to remain stable and provide much needed support to the local business community. Money collected through this fund will go directly to the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce to ensure that local jobs and the economy can be revived as quickly as possible.

    The ACC will be collecting donations directly and will hold those donations in trust. Learn more about how you can make your donation today: click here